Headstock Design

Rinaldis Custom Basses headstock design:
The most untraditional headstock design is none at all. This is done by mounting tuners on the body or more commonly using the so called headless bridge & or single bridge tuners. The main reason for this design is sonic: the headstock mass influences tone & sustain unevenly up & down the fingerboard. The reasons for this are mostly because the headstock is an isolated center of mass at the end of the neck, causing the neck to vibrate inconsistently at different frequencies & as the strings are fretted to various lengths. By doing away with the headstock altogether this complex interaction is greatly simplified, leading to a more consistent tone & sustain. Some benefits of headless necks can be achieved by designing a conventional headstock as light & short as possible. Keep in mind that my headstock was designed to achieve this goal.


Noll .JPG

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