Neck details

Neck shape :

The neck shape is an asymmetrical carve, to allow your fretting hand to stay in proper playing position,

reducing strain on your wrist, fingers & forearm.

My intent is that your fretting hand thumb should not creep up towards the bass side of the neck;

The shape of the back of the bass neck guides your thumb towards the treble side allowing your wrist to stay in a more natural position.


Rinaldis Custom Basses Necks attachment:


There are a lot of approaches to attaching a “bolt-on” neck to a bass body, and the traditional method involves using wood screws.
While that method isn’t bad, I have found it to be somewhat lacking over the years as the neck mounting holes can become stripped over time.
When I went looking for a better solution I found a number of different approaches to solving the problem, most of which involved various types of inserts for wood wink emoticon
I'm using 6 each stainless steel Insert & M5 screws to improve the stability of the neck, gives more sustain & high-end response compared to wood screws.

Noll .JPG

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